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Pakistan has abundance of qualified, well trained, good quality and disciplined work force in all sectors including, manufacturing, plantation/agriculture, services, hostelling, fisheries, Construction, Driving, Diving, Flying, Waiters, Cook etc, Pakistani workers has been instrumental in the infrastructural development of the Middle east including SAUDIA ARABIA, U.A.E. LIBYA, OMAN, MALAYSIA, KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN .Where about 2.5 million Pakistanis are still working with sincerity and dedication, to the satisfaction of their respective employers and the host Government.


We are confident that Pakistani workers will be positive addition to the foreign work force for host countries, in General, and your organization, in particular. If the manpower needed company give us demand with his delegation to select manpower by his self, it is very appreciate able for us. But if any company give demand totally on our behalf to select manpower ,we accept this responsibilities on our firm & we select the manpower by the well reputed Technical Test Trade Center from Pakistan, which have much experience to select manpower given criteria on our behalf according to company required specification.
There are many honorable companies on our firm’s panel which import manpower from Pakistan through us. If you need any kind of manpower for your different projects from Pakistan, we will feel pleasure to recruitment for you through our firm. We hope our first dealing to come your company at our panel list & we will come on your company panel as a manpower exporter to your company from Pakistan.
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