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Visa Procedure : -  

We advertise in the leading newspapers in Pakistan to get Cream of the trades.  

Trade Test :
All technical staff has to go for a technical trade test in order to ensure that only those candidates are selected who have attained high marks.

Madical Test :
Medical test of all the selected candidates is done through an approved Medical complied. This is done in order to ensure that the employee is medically fit and dose not failing UAE.

Protector of Emigrants:
Every selected employee has to get approval of protector of emigrants, Government of Pakistan. 

As per rule of Government of Pakistan, every employee going abroad on employment visa has to be insured. Next of kin gets this amount is case of death or employees disability.

Booking of Seats:
Booking of seats is done by our office and the employer as well as the employee is informed through fax/phone/Email.

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